Winging It #5: Dawn of Unity

I’ve been on a rainbow theme lately so let’s round it out with Astria Legends.




I don’t know about you, but when I see a rainbow it cheers me up instantly, no matter what I’ve been doing. So it’s not hard for me to imagine that rainbows are full of angels.


Market value of angels not available


Like with Engelbaum, this is a bit difficult for me to review because I’ve followed this story for a while in other formats. The comic is not far along, but there was a novel version released a few years ago that I read. In fact, I’m one of the VAs for the accompanying video series.

Hear my majestic Wisconsin-accented voice


Dawn of Unity is an epic fantasy that takes place in an alternate planetary system and follows characters in two different parts of the world: those that live on a planet’s surface, and the “living color” angels that watch over the planets and are having some problems of their own. This is a unique world where clouds are angry


According to Aqua anyway

and books are sentient


Hopefully not malicious sentient. Can you imagine The Birds, but with books?

With the vivid color and detail the artist uses, I can’t wait to see the rest of the first book brought to life. No specific spoilers, but you’ll definitely want to stick around for the ending — it’s a shocker.


Dawn of Unity
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Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG
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