Winging It #2: Engelbaum

Looking at my massive list of comics to review, it wasn’t hard to pick the one I wanted to spotlight first. One I look forward to every week. One I relate to a lot.image

Engelbaum is by Lynne Triplett (who has been one of my favorite artists since I really got into the internet many years ago) and Niyazi Somnez. It’s kind of rare that I’ve known an artist online that long because most I know have a tendency to disappear without a word.

What did I do, guys??? COME BACK


Wait. Let’s — let’s not get into that.

Engelbaum has its roots in NiGHTS Into Dreams, which was pretty much the definitive game for Sega Saturn. While not much of the fanfiction “Windows To A Haunted Mind” was released, much of the world building elements were, and a fairly large community developed from people who were fascinated by and wanted to be a part of this world. It was fun for a while, then major drama happened, as is endemic in large fanbases.


OK, look 2002 self. Vagueblogging is not a term yet in your time, be we need to talk.