lady_unlucky_14___cover_by_whirlwynd-d74zdh7Lady Unlucky
Comic on Tapastic
Rated R

Rowena Avana, an incarnation of the concept of Luck, has been imprisoned as an ordinary human for a crime she does not remember committing. She will remain powerless until she regains her memory. To do this, she seeks out Marlin Sainlevie, the owner of a massive corporation and the man-made galaxy it controls. He is Evil Incarnate — and her only hope. Comic is available now, animated movie in progress!

3papostersmaThree Pi Aces
Coming Soon
Rated PG-13

Three Pi Aces is an action/fantasy story, following a group of high school students who call themselves “The Dreamers Club.” They disguise themselves as a new age school club, but are actually one of many groups responsible for stopping interdimensional aliens from possessing people through their dreams.


20 Galaxies
Rated PG

The town of Quarterhill is famous for its strange phenomena and the legends that follow. When a group of friends find the truth behind the legends, they discover that time is running dangerously short for Earth and worlds beyond. Comic updates Wednesdays.


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