Geminic Blue Studio Projects



Books (in progress):
Webcomic (on hold):
Rated 7+ (fantasy violence)

The town of Quarterhill is famous for the strange things that happen in the park. Thousands of tourists venture into the woods year-round, seeking a glimpse of the supernatural. Ru Hadley has lived in Quarterhill all twelve years of her life, but she has never seen anything noteworthy on her own. Then one night, she is visited by the most legendary figure of all.
Not only will Ru and her friends discover the truth behind the legends, they will find that time is running dangerously short for Earth and worlds beyond — and it’s up to them to save the day.





Whirlwynd’s music can be found at SoundCloud. Some highlights —
Beyond 20 Galaxies end credits
Echoes of Ithyria Song for Sword of the Guardian by Merry Shannon
Indifference Piano and strings.
248 Stories Old ending for Lady Unlucky.

Discovering Autumn Requested theme song for an original online fiction site.

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