Visual Art

My general rate is $35 USD per hour.
Services offered include: Illustration, Comics, Colorization, and Animation

I also have Flat Rate Specials! They are as follows:

Single Character Illustration
PSD file Included for all commissions
I will add a simple or photo background (taken from my own stock) to any color commission for free!

Headshot (can be made icon-sized [square] or in a “fake screenshot” [1920×1080] format):
Sketch: $5
Inks: $7
Color: $10

Sketch: $7
Inks: $15
Color: $20

Sketch: $10
Inks: $20
Color: $40

Clip Animation
This is a simple animation done usually 25 frames or less consisting of a character making a simple movement or expression change.

Sketch: $20
Inked: $50
Color: $100

Small additions to any of the Flat Rate Specials (more characters, more complex backgrounds) may be added for an extra fee.


Terms and Conditions
-Flat Rate Specials must be paid in advance and by Paypal only.
-Please let me know in your initial request if you have a deadline for me to meet.

Recommended (things I specialize in!)
-Magical effects
-Complex lighting
-Stars and skies
-90’s anime pastiche

Things I don’t recommend asking me to draw but I will attempt
-Techno-heavy subject matter (cars, cities, robots etc)
-Animals (anthro characters are OK)
-Clothing design
-Realistic portraits

Will Not Draw
-Sexually explicit scenes
-Anything promoting hate speech
-Religious or political tracts (themes are OK)


Feedback Commissions
Can’t get anyone to look at or talk to you about your work? Concerned that people aren’t being fully open with you about your art for fear of hurting your feelings? Just plain unsure about a certain aspect of your work? I will give an honest (but not mean!) critique of any piece you’re working on!

For writing:
199 words or less: $1
For every hundred that has passed after that, add $1
ex: 243 words = $2, 1000 words = $10, 49,999 words = $499

For images/comics:
$1 per image/page/strip

For other media:
E-mail me ( geminicblue @ )


  • Paypal only
  • No refunds
  • My qualifications: BA in English, Creative Writing track. Twenty years’ experience drawing and reading webcomics.
  • Please let me know with your request if you have a deadline to meet.
  • If you have specific concerns about your piece, please bring them up and I will make a note to address them in the critique.
  • I will only offer guidance. I am not actually rewriting anything for you.
  • I need to stress that these will only be suggestions and the opinion of one person! It is up to you as to how much weight you want to give this feedback.
  • I do NOT recommend asking me to review romance stories unless you’re interested in the opinion of someone who isn’t into romance.

Know what you’d like? Contact me via PM or at with your request and reference files and we’ll get going from there!