My general rate is $35 USD per hour.
Services offered include: Illustration, Comics, Colorization, and Animation

I also have Flat Rate Specials! They are as follows:

Single Character Illustration
PSD file Included for all commissions
I will add a simple or photo background (taken from my own stock) to any color commission for free!

Headshot (can be made icon-sized [square] or in a “fake screenshot” [1920×1080] format):
Sketch: $5
Inks: $7
Color: $10

Sketch: $7
Inks: $15
Color: $20

Sketch: $10
Inks: $20
Color: $40

Clip Animation
This is a simple animation done usually 25 frames or less consisting of a character making a simple movement or expression change.

Sketch: $20
Inked: $50
Color: $100

Small additions to any of the Flat Rate Specials (more characters, more complex backgrounds) may be added for an extra fee.


Terms and Conditions
-Flat Rate Specials must be paid in advance and by Paypal only.
-Please let me know in your initial request if you have a deadline for me to meet.

Recommended (things I specialize in!)
-Magical effects
-Complex lighting
-Stars and skies
-90’s anime pastiche

Things I don’t recommend asking me to draw but I will attempt
-Techno-heavy subject matter (cars, cities, robots etc)
-Animals (anthro characters are OK)
-Clothing design
-Realistic portraits

Will Not Draw
-Sexually explicit scenes
-Anything promoting hate speech
-Religious or political tracts (themes are OK)

Know what you’d like? Contact me via PM or at with your request and reference files and we’ll get going from there!