You guys you guys you guys

We might get to launch a radiosonde for Boundary Layer Meteorology πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ eeeeeeeeeeeee

The professor mentioned it was probably boring for some people in the class at this point (it’s a mixed undergrad/grad class) but I’ve never gotten to before so I am psyched

Calculus was mostly a review this week, though we did get into integration by parts, which I studied a bit over the summer. Unfortunately I still tend to get most of the problems wrong so I’ve got a lot of studying to do tomorrow.

Physics was 1D kinematics and a lot of displacement (or position, where the object is in relation to time) velocity (how fast an object is going and in what direction it’s moving) and acceleration (how much the speed [and direction?] of the object is changing). I’m starting to be able to apply the math, but some of the more abstract concepts are still above my head. Again — lots of studying to do tomorrow.

Not today, though! Going to be drawing the next page of Lady Unlucky for Patreon and working on a commissioned project.

New thing I learned this week: In classes before I was taught that velocity is the derivative of displacement, acceleration is the derivative of velocity. The new thing I learned is there’s a derivative of acceleration called “jerk”

Anyway, here I go

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