Um — things are obviously a bit different now since the last time I wrote. I’m in lockdown with my family for the time being. My school went online about a month ago and while I don’t have to make the long commute anymore, I’m still stressed out and very discouraged because I can’t seem to learn what I need to. I’m re-taking Calculus over the summer because even though I might get the required C- out of the class (barely) I don’t understand the material very well, and many of my other courses require me to. This is going to be a very hard couple of weeks for me.

My plants look nice though! I let my scallions grow flowers because I wasn’t eating them and they’re almost blooming. Also I planted some basil and lavender just before the stay at home order was put in place. The lavender gave me one sprout so far which has since wilted, but the basil is doing really well:

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