Nice things

I get to have a nice Cozy™ Saturday all to myself this week and so far I’ve spent it in a blanket nest in my office, working on the next Lady Unlucky page. I’ve got two panels left so I should be able to post it on Patreon tonight =) I might go for a little hike this afternoon though.

Few self observations I’ve made this week:

I feel like since the New Year started, I’ve suddenly regained the ability to appreciate small things again. I’ve been in a sensory/processory haze for what has to be a few years now and for some reason that changed. It’s just so wonderful to be able to look at sunlight shining clouds in the sky or my little plants growing new leaves or settling down on my big fluffy warm couch on a cold day and just feeling plain joy, no strings attached. I hope this lasts. Especially until summer ❤ I can’t wait until everything starts getting green again.

Also since before the New Year, I’ve been leaning towards a more vegetarian diet. I’ve never transitioned to full vegetarian and that’s not my intention; typically after the third day without meat I hit this wall of complete and utter exhaustion and it feels like my brain tries to shut down. But right now I’m in my fifth day without meat and I haven’t hit the wall yet. I feel fine but I’m scrambling to find out what it is that I’ve done differently this time. Hopefully it’s not a case of “ate something with hidden meat product” in it — which is one of the reasons why I won’t be making a full transition. I know a number of longtime vegetarians and some of them get really sick when they eat hidden meat.

Maybe one of the reasons it’s working out this time is that I’ve made a slower transition — the times I tried vegetarianism before it was more of a cold-turkey thing, meat every day leading up to it and then suddenly no meat, whereas my diet recently over the past couple months has been more one or two days veggies, one day with meat alternating. It also could be that I’m not limiting my food within those parameters.

Me) I had lunch an hour ago but I’m hungry and I want this bagel
Does it have meat in it?
Me) No
Brain) Chow down dude

This is going to be a very busy week so I’m going to get back to relaxing while I can =)

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