Artistic stuff for this year

This has been a busy week! I cleaned out my office which was by far the messiest room in my apartment — I still have to organize what was in the closet, though, so everything is a mess. I met my teaching team for the semester and I had my first scallion harvest! I am now helping watch my nieces and taking care of various animals while some family is away.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do about art over 2020. What I think I’m going to do:
-I have a Cuphead adaptation I’ve been saying I’m going to do, so I’ll keep working on and posting that
-I would like to continue the Lady Unlucky comic — but I think I’m only going to post it on Patreon for now
-I’m going to be writing 20G Part 2 as usual, just like I did Part 1, in little pockets of free time I have here or there and where I can’t draw

All of this is going to be a very relaxed type of thing, though. No schedules or pressure. We’ll see what happens.

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