Longs Peak being eaten by a foehn wall yesterday. Seemed appropriate

~Welcome to “The Webnest”~
Just my sleepy little corner to talk about anything and everything, basically

I left the 2010s lost and in bad spirits and I don’t want to look back too much. I’m taking 2020 off from being too ambitious. 2020 is a maintenance and healing year. I’ll be essentially a sophomore/junior as far as my degree goes, so I’m not really going anywhere yet, and I don’t have resolutions so much as a list of small projects that don’t have anything to do with my written/drawn works. I’ll be actively working on 20 Galaxies Book 2, though. Gotta do something while I’m on the bus!

So I think most of the postings here are going to be about pretty mundane stuff, aside from my usual nature photos, and it’s definitely going to be a mishmash of things. You’re welcome to hang around if you like, though!

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